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Life – my Passion! From a state of limited human consciousness to Freedom

'There is this one thing worth pondering and feeling into... Who AM I?'
This is the first reflection which opens the second book by Leena K. Joro: 'Life - My Passion'. It is a question she asked herself in 2003 which in turn led to many more. Piece by piece this resulted in the reflections and deep insights about Life and the Self presented in this book. Leena's creative photos combined with these reflections bring the reader right into the magic of Life in its many forms. Her journey has led her to her own wisdom and truth about Life and her true Self, her Divine Essence and ultimately to her birthright: freedom. Her way of delivering her message in terms of the 'I AM' inspires the reader to feel into their own Self and their own truth. Her approach is like a gentle nudge to wake up to more Life.
About the author:
Leena K. Joro (1955) was born in Helsinki, Finland. She moved to the Netherlands in 1985 where she wrote her thesis and was awarded her Master's degree in Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki in 1988. Her specialization in quality management (ISO 9000) and organizational behavior led her to different staff positions in various organizations in the profit and non-profit sectors including a position as Managing Director for the Information Center for Women's Health Care. Leena runs her own private practice as an Energy-Intuitive, Life Coach, (breath) Facilitator, Inspirator, Speaker and Artist of Life since 2007. Her vision of life is based on the limitless and ever-present awareness of her true Self, her Divine Essence. Being, living and experiencing this vision has led her to a state of true freedom, joy and inspiration but above all to unconditional love and respect for all Life and the Self.
Title: Life – my Passion!
Subtitle: From a state of limited human consciousness to Freedom
Text & Photography: Leena Joro
Editing: Kathy Schroeder, freelance trainer and author
Design: Liesbeth Thomas, t4design
Printing: Bestenzet Drukkerij bv, Zoetermeer
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-90-9032772-3, NUR 728
Size: 17 x 24 cm, full color, softcover with flaps
Price: 26,50 euro exclusive shipping costs
Publisher: On one's own account; 1st of March 2020

© Leena Joro, 2020
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Some first impressions of the book: 
“truly a beautiful book” …. “really touched by the catchy texts and the wonderful photos” … “an inspiring book” … “your words are so very welcome for this time” … “formidable” … “very happy about your book and the beautiful cards” … “perfect book for a reflection as a start to the day” … “so timely for me personally, thank you” … “a beautiful book to look at and to feel when holding in your hands” … “profound reflections” … “this is just the book I’ve been looking for all my life” … “a very special book” … “your book and cards are a true gift” … “the energy in your book, wow” … “what a fantastic name for a book: Life – my Passion!”  
Some reviews from the readers:  
Life - my Passion! is a beautifully crafted visual discovery of the author's inner and outer world. A gifted observer and photographer, Leena Joro wonders at ordinary things, such as a pebble or an afternoon shade on a garden wall. Paired with careful thoughts and observations drawn from her inner observations, Leena’s latest book is a gentle reminder to pause more often, observe, and enjoy the beauty that everyday life has in store for us once we become aware of the treasures within us or waiting just around the corner.
Tineke Lehman
When I picked up the book, I felt Leena’s sovereign energy envelop me. My first impulse was “She is a Master of her own.” It is a book to be opened every day. For every mood or doubt there is a page where everyone can find the exact encouragement to allow one’s own “I AM”. Leena’s reflections apply to me as well as to the rest of the world. This is about the new human living in freedom. Each page has a text with a (nature) photo taken by Leena herself. Wonderful and magical. The images enhance the words and I can feel how all of my senses open up to be again and again my unlimited state of “I AM”.

Words do not do the book justice. It is much more than words. Read and feel it for yourself… I recommend this book with all of my heart!

(Original text in Dutch: Toen ik het boek beetpakte voel ik al de soeverein energie van Leena bij me binnenkomen. Mijn eerste impuls was “ze is haar eigen Meester”. Het is een boek om elke dag open te slaan. Voor elke stemming of twijfel is er een bladzijde waar eenieder precies de aanmoediging krijgt om I AM toe te laten. Het zijn de reflecties van Leena die ook voor mij gelden en voor de rest van de wereld. Dit gaat over de nieuwe mens in vrijheid. Iedere bladzijde heeft een tekst met een (natuur) foto van Leena haar eigen hand. Wonderschoon en magisch. De foto’s bekrachtigen de woorden en zo ervaar ik dat al mijn sensuele zintuigen opengaan om keer op keer mijn ongelimiteerde staat van “I Am” te zijn. Met woorden doe ik het boek te kort. Het is heel veel meer dan woorden. Lees en voel zelf maar...Ik beveel het boek met heel mijn hart aan.)
Leena Joro's Life is an inspiration in ways you don't expect. She is one with her life's work. That is such an inspiration!
Marilyn Acker
This book touched me in so many ways. Because I have known Leena a long time, and I find it fascinating to see in print thoughts she has expressed in conversation. The voice, the pace, her personality come through to me in the text and the photographs. I thought I would read through the book quickly, enjoying the photographs, but found myself reluctant to breeze through. I find myself putting the book down after each chapter, to allow her thoughts and my thoughts to mingle. The photographs are striking, sometimes the text doesn’t grab me, but the photograph does, and connection with the text develops slowly in my mind. Ideas which have floated in my mind for years without words - she has captured in words and photographs.
Anna-Marie de Croon
Your book breathes love! The combination of photo with text is a profound experience. Your way of putting things often goes “beyond words”. The cards that go with the book are tiny “energy gifts”! Thank you, Leena, for sharing your passion for Life with this inner wisdom!

(Original text in Dutch: Jouw boek ademt liefde uit! De combinatie van foto met tekst is een diepgaande belevenis. Je verwoordt vaak 'voorbij woorden'. De losse kaarten zijn energie-cadeautjes! Dank je wel Leena dat je jouw passie voor het Leven met deze innerlijke wijsheid hebt gedeeld!)  
Avelien van Dijk
It was a pleasure to read your book. An eyeopener, as one takes the time to pause by things that are considered to be quite “normal”, but nevertheless are truly special. Thank you so much for inspiring me this way throughout your book!

(Original text in Dutch: Het was een plezier om jouw boek te lezen. Een eyeopener, je staat weer eens stil bij de dingen die heel “gewoon” lijken maar toch heel bijzonder zijn. Fijn dat jij mij op deze manier hebt kunnen inspireren, dankjewel!)  
Babet Wentink
The book of Leena is a beautiful present in this very moment! The combination of very unique pictures and the deeply true words really feel like a gentle wake up call. I like to start the day with a random page to see what it has to tell me. It’s a heart-warming, inspiring book in this challenging period of time.
Jeannette Monshouwer
Sometimes I just open the book to a random page. I love the images which offer an insight into a deeper reality - a reality which I myself also experience just that way and in the photos I see an answer. The words offer a wisdom and take me to where I AM - in love, with extra space where I can be more aware of myself. The book is like a companion in moments of wonder. Nice to know that I can meet Leena there and at the same time also something universal: Life that I am myself.

(Original text in Dutch: Soms sla ik het boek open. Zomaar ergens. Ik houd van de beelden die een doorkijk geven naar een diepere werkelijkheid. Een die ik zelf zo ervaar en in de foto's zie ik een antwoord. De woorden bieden een wijsheid en brengen me waar ik ben. In liefde, met extra ruimte waarin ik verder kan beseffen. Zo is het boek een soort compagnon op verwonderde momenten. Fijn om te weten dat ik Leena daarin ontmoet en tegelijk iets universeels, het leven dat ik zelf ben.)