I feel deeply inspired by Life. Life is my passion! I go through my days as a human being on Earth in wonder and joy but especially in the freedom of the soul. Living in (soul)freedom gives me a deeper experience of Me as a whole. It gives a feeling of true compassion and love towards Myself, whether I’m going through good times or bad. I am inspired by my own creations and by those of others. To be able to feel, see, smell, hear, taste and sense on a deeper level than I ever before thought possible is truly thrilling.
I am inspired because I am conscious not only about Life but about Myself as Life.  
My true Self ‘speaks’ to me through a deep feeling of being inspired. Out of the primal state of my consciousness there is a whisper telling me: ‘I want to experience more of Me… through new creations by you!’ And so I go, full of enthusiasm and passion, to co-create consciously with ‘All that is’ based on my unique Self, my essence, in my own sovereign way. I live my daily life according to my vision, leaning on my (soul)freedom. Life inspires Me and I inspire Life. ‘Life’ and ‘Me’ are the same – the Inspiration!
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* * *
Through inspiration you will express your true Self on Earth in a new (soul)way. In this state of being, nothing and no one can hold you back!  
* * *
If you are in connection with your true Self, then you are inspired as well! You are the inspiration since that is your true state of being!