On my path of awakening to self-realization/I-am-freedom, my life was literally turned inside out, resulting in a heavy and intense transformation - mentally, physically and spiritually. I faced strong feelings of fear - not only the fear of death but also understanding what it means to have a true fear of life, fear of living in I-am-freedom. I experienced how frightening it can be to leave the control and power of my illusions, convictions, and mind games behind until I was finally able to surrender to Life and to my true Self.
I needed a storyline to come and to stay here on earth, like each of us, a sort of a framework… until I didn’t. Eventually all the stories that had ever been, all the stories I had lived and experienced – in this life but also in my other lifetimes – were transformed and dropped.
All those stories carried their beauty and benefits but at a certain point they became outdated and of no use. They didn’t serve Me any longer. It was like my storyboard had to be gradually fully emptied. It was a total and thorough “house cleaning”. It meant deep and pure surrender, breathing, releasing and allowing it all to move (energetically) through me - story by story, belief by belief... for years. It all had to transform and to go free to make space for my New Life in true Freedom here on earth. It was time to come back from the jungle of countless stories stretching over eons of time to my only TRUE story: my “core story” - the story of Free(dom) ME.
My Freedom realized.
No separation, no duality to feel.
Me - my own wisdom,
my awareness of the ever-present All.

My Surrender completed.
No hiding, no escape to wield.
Me - my own pure source,
my truth reflecting it brightly.

My Being balanced.
No struggle, no fear to discern.
Me - my own energy,
my consciousness taking the lead.

My Essence embodied.
No seeking, no journey to arrive.
Me - my own natural flow,
my passionate dance of Life.

My Love experienced.
No questions, no need to have a path.
Me - my own liberation,
my Freedom from ‘what’s next’ and ‘why’.
* * *
Once you have tasted freedom (of the soul), you will (un)consciously start longing for even more aspects of this freedom. You will repeatedly reach out to an even deeper experience of this freedom.  
* * *
You are intuitively and continuously searching for your ultimate freedom (of the soul). You are guided by your total consciousness through your experiences.