Being Conscious  

To me, a life based on the New Consciousness means I am not only conscious about who I truly am but also that I live this consciousness accordingly by expressing my true Self each moment and in every situation. I am (as are you) a beautiful manifestation and expression of the all-embracing consciousness of ‘All that is’. 
Since I am conscious about my true Me (my essence), I am also deeply aware of everything around me. Besides my human senses, I also use and trust above all my intuition. Through my intuition, I am consciously ‘chatting’ with my deep inner knowingness - all day long and in every situation.
My intuition is the expression of my true Self, my essence.  
Up until the moment of my awakening, I lived my life on Earth through just a small facet of my true Self. I was very limited in my awareness of my higher consciousness and my essence. As a result, I expressed only a tiny part of my total consciousness. I was living a limited existence based on many beliefs and illusions that determined and shaped my life and which ultimately held me back. 
Through my process of awakening to ‘more of Myself’ on Earth, my transformation and selfrealization, my deep ‘soul desire’ was fulfilled: the desire to live my true Self to the fullest. ‘To be profoundly conscious and free’ as a human being on Earth!
* * *  
Your true Self is longing for an eternal and unlimited experience of itself, to become increasingly conscious about itself on Earth, in all of its experiences in an everyday life.  
* * *  
You are on Earth to remember, and above all to experience, who You truly are: a unique, divine creator of your own reality!