Conscious Breath

When I breathe consciously I breathe to my core, in and out, very naturally all the way down to my belly. I surrender to my true Self through the conscious breath and let the breath lead and carry me.

For me, breathing consciously is not some kind of (new) breathing technique. It does not mean breathing in a specific way nor learning or training 'how to breathe'. Breathing consciously is a most natural way of connecting through breath with my true Self. Through this way of breathing I become aware of the primal (life)power in Me. To me, breathing consciously means a choice for Life, a choice to breathe Life! I simply allow the Breath: I am free in the Breath.

A long time ago, when I intuitively discovered what breathing consciously truly means, my life changed completely. Conscious breathing has consistently helped me and has never let me down, regardless of the situation. It has sustained me over many years. It has helped me get through difficult times and has kept me going despite mental or physical discomfort. The Breath is my path, my connection with my true Self, my essence and my healing. Through breathing consciously I experience the state of being in balance, in trust, and in knowingness. Out of this state of being I am able to become aware of Life in a new and expanded way. Breathing consciously has become a way of life for me. I have integrated the conscious breath in all that I do. I am the Breath!  
“As far as I go, as close by I AM.
In every breath, I feel Myself.
In every breath, I know where I AM.
In every breath, I feel at home.
In every breath, I feel the Life.
In every breath, I choose to live.

In every breath.

As far as I go, as close by I AM.” 

* * *
The freedom (of the soul) consists of many aspects but it is based on setting the Breath free. The Breath is life – you are the Breath!  
* * *
You are in a survival mode when you breathe merely by instinct. When you breathe consciously, then you are truly living!