‘Freedom-to-be-you’ (2014) is the rebirth and transformation of the previous practice ‘op-weg-naar-huis’. (on your way home’ - 2007).
'Freedom-to-be-You' was born to inspire! The practice offers energetic-intuitive life coaching for people who are awakening to Life and to more of themselves on Earth. Various types of facilitation and support are available to people of all ages. The starting point for this life coaching is the New Consciousness about the ultimate freedom (of the soul) of every human being. This is the freedom of each person on Earth to express his or her ‘true Self’ (the essence of your Being) in a unique and authentic way. This way of being and living leads to a deep inner feeling of inspiration, balance, and self-connection but above all to a feeling of unconditional love for Life and for the Self.
Thanks to the short English version of this website, non-Dutch speakers in and outside of the Netherlands can also read more about the activities of ‘Freedom-to-be-you’. You can find out more about the practice’s vision, facilitation and coaching activities via the tabs. More information about my personal background for my energetic-intuitive Life Coaching related to the awakening of the ‘true Self’ on Earth can be read via the tab contact / Leena Joro.
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I am happy and inspired to welcome you to the website 'Freedom-to-be-You'. This is a website about the freedom of being and living as your true Self. I am here to inspire you about Life and your unique experience of (soul) freedom! 
Experiencing the freedom of the soul means, first of all, living your life based on a highly conscious choice for Life and all that goes with it. Secondly, it means thinking ‘out-of-the box’ and acting accordingly. As result, you will experience your life like never before because you are going to realize a totally new expression of Yourself on Earth. You will share in the magic of Life for you are - just like everyone else - a beautiful manifestation on Earth of the total consciousness of 'All that is'.
The reason for you being here on Earth is to express your true Self, your essence in a unique and authentic way and to experience this in freedom (of the soul).  
But what if you find yourself in a situation where you are not able or are not allowed to be your true Self? What if you simply don’t dare to be who you truly are (for instance when you don’t feel the same way others do or you think and behave differently from most people around you)? This can make you feel unappreciated or unaccepted by others and can even lead to you renouncing Yourself on a daily basis. 
You may feel as though you are not truly living your life but merely existing in a kind of survival mode. You may have become stuck playing a role, wearing a mask, without knowing any longer just how you got there. You may want to take new steps but you are held back by the opinions of others. Your situation may have developed to a point where you are about to break down – either physically, mentally or spiritually – for the very simple reason that your whole life seems to be in contrast with your inner feeling(s).
Even though it may sound unbelievable, you are the creator of your own reality and of your own life, every single moment of every day. You have the knowingness deep within you of your true essence and how to express your true Self based on a divine inspiration. You know intuitively what the ultimate freedom of each soul truly means!
You too can discover and live your unique (soul) freedom.
But – are you aware of this?