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Life – my Passion! From a state of limited human consciousness to Freedom

'There is this one thing worth pondering and feeling into... Who AM I?'

This is the first reflection which opens the second book by Leena K. Joro: 'Life - My Passion'. It is a question she asked herself in 2003 which in turn led to many more. Piece by piece this resulted in the reflections and deep insights about Life and the Self presented in this book. Leena's creative photos combined with these reflections bring the reader right into the magic of Life in its many forms. Her journey has led her to her own wisdom and truth about Life and her true Self, her Divine Essence and ultimately to her birthright: freedom. Her way of delivering her message in terms of the 'I AM' inspires the reader to feel into their own Self and their own truth. Her approach is like a gentle nudge to wake up to more Life.

About the author:

Leena K. Joro (1955) was born in Helsinki, Finland. She moved to the Netherlands in 1985 where she wrote her thesis and was awarded her Master's degree in Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki in 1988. Her specialization in quality management (ISO 9000) and organizational behavior led her to different staff positions in various organizations in the profit and non-profit sectors including a position as Managing Director for the Information Center for Women's Health Care. Leena runs her own private practice as an Energy-Intuitive, Life Coach, (breath) Facilitator, Inspirator, Speaker and Artist of Life since 2007. Her vision of life is based on the limitless and ever-present consciousness of her true Self, her Divine Essence. Being, living and experiencing this vision has led her to a state of true freedom, joy and inspiration but above all to unconditional love and respect for all Life and the Self.

Title: Life – my Passion!
Subtitle: From a state of limited human consciousness to Freedom
Text & Photography: Leena Joro
Editing: Kathy Schroeder, freelance trainer and author
Design: Liesbeth Thomas, t4design
Printing: Bestenzet Drukkerij bv, Zoetermeer
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-90-9032772-3, NUR 728
Size: 17 x 24 cm, full color, softcover with flaps
Price: 19,95 euro exclusive shiping costs
Publisher: On one's own account; 1st of March 2020

© Leena Joro, 2020


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