This privacy statement applies to the collection, processing and storage of personal data and has been drawn up in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is valid from May 25, 2018 for all countries of the European Union.
Leena Joro, owner / freelancer of the home-based practice “freedom-to-be-you” (FTBY), is responsible for this privacy statement as well as for the collection and/or administrative processing of the data of clients making use of the practice’s services.
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(Persoons)gegevens van cliënt

Below is an overview of the personal data collected on an intake form to be filled in by the client at the first meeting (points 01 to 07) and further by FTBY / Leena Joro (points 08 to 11):
1. First and last name
2. Personal address
3. Telephone number
4. Skype address
5. E-mail address
6. Permission to send (substantive) information
7. Permission regarding the processing of data
8. Date of session(s)
9. Type of session(s) (by means of a keyword)
10. Short profile of the client
11. Reason / plan / outcome of the session(s)
Processing of Data 

All personal data gathered from clients is processed by FTBY and is not provided to third parties with the exception of invoices. FTBY works with an external bookkeeper and has concluded a “data processor agreement” with them. Only data points 01, 02, 08 and 09 from the list above can be seen on an issued invoice which will be provided to the bookkeeper with FBTY’s annual accounts.
The collected data is used exclusively for the following purposes:

- For making and maintaining contact with the client
- As a basis for providing the service / holding the session(s)
- For invoicing / accounting
- For sending (substantive) information 

Management of Client Data


Data gathered by FBTY is stored both digitally and in hard copy format (paper). The practice uses an iMac computer protected with the apps from Apple against hacking and viruses. The practice’s computer is stored in a closed room and is accessible only to the owner by means of a personal login code. The financial administration (including invoices to clients) and intake forms are also stored (in hard copy format in archive folders) in the same locked area unaccessible to third parties.

Storage periods

A. Financial data is stored for at least the legal term of 7 years
B. Personal data is stored for an unspecified period of time for the purpose of use in later consultations/sessions on the condition that the client has given permission for this on the intake form.
C. (E-mail) Correspondence – idem point B. above

Client’s Rights

Viewing, adjusting and/or deleting data and complaints:

The client has the right to view their personal data, to have it adjusted and/or to have it removed. The client has the right to withdraw any prior consent to data processing or to object to the processing of personal data. The client has the right to file a complaint regarding the handling of their data.

All requests regarding the above should be made in writing by sending an e-mail to:

Granting consent for the sending and/or receiving of (substantive) information

The client will contact FTBY by e-mail or by telephone. If by telephone, the client will confirm by e-mail that he/she wants to receive further information and/or to make an appointment by telephone for a session.

In both cases, the client will indicate if they do or do not consent to sending (substantive) information by later completing the intake form during the first meeting.

Withdrawing consent

As long as the client does not withdraw his/her consent by e-mail, he/she will remain logged in to receive information and/or mailings. An “unsubscribe” link is included at the bottom of every e-mail sent by FTBY through which the client can withdraw their consent, after which they will no longer receive e-mails from FTBY.


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Changes to this privacy statement

This privacy statement was drawn up on May 25, 2018 and may be changed without prior notice. It is therefore recommended to regularly check this privacy statement.