Baby & Kid

My facilitation activities with babies and children are based on my vision of Life, my insights about the New Consciousness and my personal experiences of raising and supporting babies and children (including those on the autism spectrum). When I am in contact with babies and children, I ‘understand’ them energetic-intuitively. I feel when they are not ‘present’ in their natural state of balance.

Babies and children have their own well-functioning (self) consciousness which is fully self-sufficient - a consciousness ‘on hold’, just waiting to awaken to its most beautiful expression on Earth, one step at a time. This is my starting point when I am energetic-intuitively in contact with a baby or a child. I support them to open up energetically to their own ‘built-in’ (self) consciousness and balance. I do not use any type of therapy for this, instead:

I rely energetic-intuitively (i.e. through the conscious breath) on the self-sufficient consciousness of the baby/child.

Nowadays it is quite a challenge for a baby or child to embody, to ground its consciousness on Earth. This is because there is a certain discrepancy between ‘the old way’ of being and doing and ‘the new way’ based on the New Consciousness that babies/children carry deep within them from birth. When the external environment tries to steer a baby/child in a certain direction, towards specific thoughts or behaviors, the child often does not obey but instead instinctively follows their inner guidance based on their intuitive wisdom about ‘who they truly are’. In many cases it takes some time to change the situation, the surroundings or ‘the system’ around a baby or child of the new times to respond to their (new) needs and ways of being. Therefore, when a baby/child is out of balance, for whatever reason, it is very important to support them to learn to use their own natural ability of self-sufficiency.

In situations where a baby or a child is out of balance or is undergoing feelings of disharmony in ‘its being’, I am here to facilitate and support it energetic-intuitively. In this way the child can more easily rebalance and ground its consciousness. This facilitation can take place either in your home or in my practice.

I am also happy to customize conscious breathing workshops for day-care centres, primary and secondary schools to help children of all ages discover the power and the benefits of conscious breathing. Please contact me to discuss the various possibilities.

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Is your CHILD unusually willful, challenging, hyperactive, assertive, anxious, rebellious?
Is your BABY extremely restless, tearful, jumpy, highly alert, tense... or perhaps just the opposite – timid or listless?

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Does your baby/child have vague physical and/or mental complaints or do they feel exceptionally unhappy, uneasy or distracted in ways it is not easy to understand or clarify ‘why’?